CDAO's Roots

Around the time the Alliance was being considered, the Ontario construction and design industry was fragmented and did not have a single voice with which to speak to government on higher levels issues of policy and regulation.

The construction sector is represented by literally dozens of trade, mixed, general contractor and other organizations. Similarly, the design sector also has a number of individual voices that seek the ear of government.  Messages and opinions from the industry are not coordinated and are often contradictory. Government made it clear they would prefer to work with an industry that can deliver consensus opinions, with the authority to speak on behalf of the industry.

The industry took a look at how it was doing business with the provincial government and decided we had to find a better way to develop and deliver the necessary unified voice – a voice through which the broader construction industry can provide consensus opinions to the government and can pursue those opinions in a coordinated, effective manner.

Provincial Associations began meeting to discuss this issue and formulate a proactive strategy. The consensus from those limited discussions was to  create a unified voice for the broader construction industry.  To read more about the formation of CDAO, click here.