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Infrastructure Building Fund Highlighted During Gala Celebration

May 31, 2014

Dr. Kelly Leitch, Minister of Labour and Status of Women addressed more than 500 members of the Ontario General Contractors Association during the association’s 75th Anniversary gala celebrations regarding the New Building Canada Plan and what it means for Ontarians.

75th-logo-with-datesThe New Building Canada Plan builds on the Government of Canada's unprecedented investments in infrastructure with $70 billion over the next decade, including the $53 billion New Building Canada Plan for provincial, territorial and municipal infrastructure that enhances economic growth, job creation and productivity.

Across the country the New Building Canada Plan will support national, regional and local infrastructure priorities that will improve economic development and quality of life. The New Building Canada Plan was developed after extensive consultation with key partners, including provinces, territories, municipalities, the economic sector and business leaders. The result is a program that does not favour one special interest group at the expense of others, but that encourages job creation and economic growth for the long-term, here in Ontario and across Canada. Dr Kelly Leitch

“This Government has placed a principle focus on the protection and growth of the Canadian economy, since our first day in office. Since 2006, our nation has benefited from unprecedented investments in infrastructure, and the new Building Canada Plan will ensure that we build upon these successes,” Dr. Leitch noted.

“Targeted infrastructure investments promote trade, encourage job creation, equity and economic growth, and improve the quality of life for residents of this great country." Clive Thurston 2011

"Sustained and strategic investment in public infrastructure is essential to Ontario's long-term economic growth and global competitiveness,” adds Clive Thurston, OGCA President.

“As a catalyst for leveraging public and private sector investment, the New Building Canada Fund provides long-term infrastructure funding stability while enabling a timely renewal and expansion of Ontario's critical infrastructure assets. OCGA members welcome the NBCF and look forward to working on the projects it supports commencing this summer." The New Building Canada Plan is now fully "open for business."

Funding is now available for a wide range of projects of varying sizes and scope, such as highways and major roads, drinking water systems, wastewater treatment facilities, and local roads. Provinces and municipalities can now submit their projects for funding and new projects will be approved over the course of the year, and for the decade to come.

In addition, existing federal infrastructure programs will continue to support over 2,500 ongoing or new infrastructure projects across Canada during 2014 alone. From coast to coast to coast, federal funding is flowing to these projects through the federal Gas Tax Fund, and other programs. In Ontario, these include the Union Station Revitalization project in downtown Toronto and the GO Transit Package serving the Greater Toronto Area.

Quick Facts

• Since 2006, the federal government has nearly doubled the average annual federal funding for thousands of provincial, territorial, and municipal infrastructure projects across the country. • In addition to over $33 billion in dedicated funding, municipalities also stand to benefit from $4 billion available for projects of national significance, as well as $1.25 billion in additional funding that is available for P3 projects.

• For Ontario, the New Building Canada Plan represents approximately $11 billion in dedicated federal funding, including more than $2.7 billion under the New Building Canada Fund and an estimated $8.12 billion under the federal Gas Tax Fund.

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